HealthDataLab Features

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Clients can select from your available types of services, see when you’re available and book a session from your website. It can manage reminders, pre-consultation requirements and handle prepayments if you wish.

Clients & Consultations

Now you can create your own design! Add your own blocks on every page you like with the build in snippet system. You can insert Carousels, Sernices, Tables, Parallax with easy way without any skills!

Health Data Tracker

A way for your clients to upload information to you. Eg. Diet tracker: (taking a photo of everything they eat for a week), blood pressure, sleep quality, energy levels etc...

Video Consultations

An easy to use private video consultation room


Writing assistant: we’re fine-tuning an assisted writing tool: Snippets. A way to dramatically reduce the time spent on typing. This feature is also destined to be used as a rich memory aide and reference lookup. But I can't say much more (info soon)


More features are being developed. If you have a specific need, please let us know. The more we understand your needs, the better Healthdatalab will become.