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Mar 13, 2020

Time to move!

For the last 2 year we’ve been looking into why natural health isn’t more widely used. You and I know how beneficial it can be when health is managed from a holistic perspective. So why is so much of the focus still on repairing and alleviating symptoms?

Why is it still called “complementary” instead of “primary” health care? For many years a shift has already been happening, and we’re very keen to help boost this shift towards holistic health awareness.

We’ve been creating a platform, a space where holistic practitioners have advanced tools and resources to help with their work. We’re calling it Healthdatalab, a project that’s alive and will grow to best meet the needs of this long term plan: Making holistic health, the standard way to see health. Every practitioner that has this perspective will play a key role in helping our communities with this shift. We want to make sure you have everything you need on this journey.

Urgent Topic

In January we were about to launch Healthdatalab and then the COVID19 pandemic started to show up on our radar. Having written my final year thesis 15 years ago on “Naturopathic management of pandemic influenza”, this topic was of high interest to me. Our team and I started researching and analysing the details and the potential impact. It’s clear that most governments around the world are not grasping the situation fully and thus unable to set wise guidelines. They were, and still are, reacting to events rather than being proactive and preventative.

Natural health should definitely not be underestimated during this crisis. Natural health practitioners can play a crucial role.

We decided to delay the release of Healthdatalab, so we could add a couple of features that we had planned to add later. Features that will help practitioners offer effective services and also stay safe.

The 2 features are: a virtual online video consultation room and a message/ticket system that is particularly useful at managing multiple communications.

We’re also putting together information and data based on solid evidence and proactive logic that will be highly useful practitioners.

Ok, coming back to Healthdatalab, this project not just a tool, but a platform, a space with tools, services, sharing, learning and much more. Managing many aspects of consultancy work. The current features are: Bookings: clients can select from your available types of services, see when you’re available and book a session from your website. It can manage reminders, pre-consultation requirements and handle prepayments if you wish. Client and Consultation details Writing assistant: we’re fine-tuning an assisted writing tool: Snippets. A way to dramatically reduce time spent on typing. This feature is also destined to be used as a rich memory aide and reference lookup. But i can be much more (more info soon) Websites: We’re offering an integrated website for those who wish to create or upgrade to a new website with Healthdatalab already integrated. (more info soon) Online Consultations: an easy to use private video consultation room. Specialised support. A space for asking questions on specific and complex situations. We will provide advice and if needed consult with experts to find possible solutions for your needs. This will most likely take the shape of online video sessions or blog posts. More features are being developed. If you have a specific need, please let us know. The more we understand your needs, the better Healthdatalab will become.

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